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I’ve run training for all levels of seniority within a business and across many different sectors, from banking and finance to tech startups.

I’ve shared my ideas in APAC, North Americ, EMEA and right here in Australia.

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Most popular course - 2019

Supercharge your sales – a one day training program.

This is an end-to-end system designed to generate more sales.  Taking you through the essential tools you need to grow your business.  Learn the fundamental questions to ask in client meetings to create greater engagement with your product or service.  Then apply the answers directly to your proposals.  Allowing you to craft proposals which connect powerfully to the client’s deep emotional drivers.

Pitch and Presentation Training

Based on the latest techniques, my pitch training will take you and your team’s abilities from beginner to advanced.  Teaching everyone the essential skills to create winning pitches.

We look at how you can become more engaging and persuasive in your pitch.  You will understand how to structure engaging content that not only answers the client’s business objectives, but also takes them on an emotional journey.  It’s this combination that helps you to convert more pitches.

Influence Training.

There are many ways to influence people.  The most common often involves wrestling people to the ground hoping they will be won over by your force of will or your authority.

Real influence, when it’s done correctly, doesn’t feel like influence.  There’s no wrestling to the ground, there’s no struggle.  People just find themselves going in the direction someone else wants them to go in.  Learn this style of influence, it’s much more powerful.

Sales Training

Traditional sales training focuses on selling features and benefits.  If you’re only selling using features and benefits, it means you’re becoming more like your competition and that means you selling on price.  So learn how to use a combination of emotion and logic to inspire and instil confidence in your clients, motivating them to buy from you.

Marcus Corah Training

 “This training was truly transformative. Empowering attendees with communication and influencing tools and skills sets which can be applied to all manner of client (and personal) relationships.  After 20 years of working for WPP this training was without doubt the most impactful and relevant.

Michael Jones (former CEO of MEC LATAM)

“We are delighted with Marcus. Of particular note is the fact that the course concepts and content were valued by everyone across all departments. It is exciting to have a programme that clearly has enormous practical value across all disciplines and because of this the programme also has the very important side benefit of fostering cross department understanding and collaboration”

Kate Bruges, Co-Director of Talent, J. Walter Thompson London

“I have worked with Marcus Corah on a number of occasions since 2012, as he facilitated the established leaders part of the DentsuAegis Hi Potentials program, Route500.  On every occasion he has delivered valuable content and he has bought real knowledge of our sector which makes it easy to implement and contextualise his ideas into our business units.  The content he covers around connecting with emotional desires, hierarchy of influence, rapport, being the “prize” is excellent.

Simon Prior.  Global Talent Head iProspect/APAC Head of Talent and learning DentsuAegisNetwork

“Marcus has added significant value to our client presentations and ultimately the final result. His creative ideas have enabled us to achieve results beyond our expectations.”

Mark Bennett. Partner.  KLM Retail

“This was one of the most useful and interesting courses I have attended. Important information and practice, presented in a way that is easy to understand – will definitely implement for my work.

Thomson Reuters

My training philosophy.

Why don't delegates apply what they learn in trainings?

All trainers deliver new skills and knowledge to their delegates. And that’s it….  That’s where 90% stop.  And that’s the problem.  If it were just about skills and knowledge everyone would be applying what they have learnt.  Right?   So what’s missing?  Well, sometimes delegates have trouble contextualising the content.  OK, that’s an easy fix.  For me, the real problem is delegates leave the training room still running all their negative beliefs about their abilities.  If a trainer doesn’t tackle these negative beliefs, then delegates will never fully apply the content.

Here’s what I do.

  • Yes, I deliver the latest skills and knowledge.
  • I also make sure delegates can contextualise the new techniques to their roles.
  • But most importantly, I help them overcome their negative beliefs.  Right there and then in the training room.

Job done.

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