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 These 3 proven strategies will grow your sales and your business during these uncertain times.

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This Bundle is For You If You Want To…


Stop selling on price.  Prices is less relevant when you sell to Emotional Desires.  If you’re relying on your features & benefits to sell, it means you’re selling a commodity, which is price sensitive.


Create committed customers who want to buy from you.  Selling to Emotional Desires helps build engagement and commitment around your product or service.  This gives customers the motivation they need to buy.


Never worry about closing again.  When you sell to Emotional Desires, prospects and customers get excited about your offer, so they start to close themselves on your product or service.  Making closing easy!


Create compelling proposals that close deals.  Use my document templates to create compelling proposals.  That way your proposals will clearly articulate how you can help the prospect or customer achieve their future desires.


Overcome objections.  Quickly overcome every objection you’re going to face, or close prospects on their own objections with these proven strategies.


Build deep bonds of trust with anyone, anywhere.  Easily master rapport in; emails, documents, phone conversations, Zoom or your face to face meetings.  With 11 Rapport strategies to choose from, you’ll be able to build deep bonds of trust with everyone, anywhere.

The sooner you download The Sales Revolution Bundle, the sooner you’ll be enjoying these proven benefits.

The Sales Revolution Bundle Includes

These 3 Proven Strategies…

Proven Strategy #1

Rapport Mastery.


Conscious Rapport – 3 keys to building deep bonds of trust using emotion.  This rapport strategy shows you how to help your prospect or customer feel; important, cared for, and good about themselves.


Unconscious Rapport – Deepen the bond of trust in; meetings, on the phone & in documents, letters, emails and your marketing.


Advanced Rapport – The little known secrets to building trust in groups, taking covert control.  Building instant trust and how you can use trust to more effectively handle objections.   


Worksheets & cheat sheets.

Proven Strategy #2

Selling to Emotional desires Blueprint.


Why we buy on emotions.   Explore the science behind why we buy on emotions and how you can powerfully apply this concept in your own sales drive.


The types of Emotional Desires you must sell to.  There are many types of emotional desires but some are better to sell to than others.  In this section, you’ll understand which emotional desires you need to sell to, to close more deals.


Eliciting Emotional Desires.  Master eliciting emotional desires Overly and Covertly.   And then understand what features you need to talk about to sell your products or services.


Attaching Emotional Desires.  In this final section, we look at the tools you need to attach emotional desires to your product, service or offer.  Allowing you to close more sales, more often.


Certainty.  Selling to Emotional Desires helps your prospect or customer feel more certain about their future.


Templates, worksheets, and cheat sheets.

Proven Strategy #3

Overcome every Objection.


Overcome every objection and replace it with a better way to see the world.  All objections, worries, or concerns are really easy to overcome when you have this strategy.  I’m going to show you how you can take a prospect’s objection and overcome it and in the process help them to adopt a new better way to their own objection.


Closing someone on their own objection.  this little know technique is so powerful, it’s been used on my (and I know about it) and by my clients to close millions of dollars worth of business.


When you remove all the reasons a prospect has to say ‘no’ to you.  They are only let with reason to say YES!


Worksheets and cheat sheets.

Also included are these incredible bonuses ($611 value):


These are the phone templates people are using to close more sales when prospects call to enquire about their product or service.

Imagine this, you’re on a phone call with a prospect who’s kinda interested in your product.  How do you turn them from ‘I’m kinda interested’ into…  ‘Wow, that sounds just what I’m looking for.’


Master the secrets to winning more business by writing compelling proposals or documents.

Have access to actual document templates I’ve used to generate $10’s of thousands in sales.  Or use my pricing table template to sell more of your most expansive products.


COVID means more virtual meetings. Mastering selling during online meetings is a skill you must master.

Learn how to build rapport and sell during your next zoom call.  This skill will help you to close clients effortlessly during virtual meetings.  Giving you the competitive advantage you need in this current environment.


Master these skills even faster with my video demonstrations pack.

My video demonstrations have been designed to help you master these powerful sales strategies even faster.  Watch me using these skills to; build rapport, sell to emotional desires and handle any objection in the moment.  Just like you would.

This is what’s included.

1) Rapport Mastery Package ($397 value)

2) Selling to Emotional Desires ($397 value)

3) Overcome Every Objection ($397 value)

4) Including; Work Sheets, Cheat Sheets, Templates and Scripts.


5) Selling on the Phone and in Documents ($247 value)

6) Selling on Zoom ($117 value)

7) Video Demonstrations ($247 value)

Total Value of $1,802

Now ONLY $99

30 Day Guarantee.

No questions asked 30 day refund guarantee.  If you are unhappy for any reason, get you money back.

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Business owner's results.

“We have worked with Marcus Corah for the last 2 years.  His knowledge and expertise in rapport, selling to Emotional Desires & Objections handling are simply remarkable.  These 3 strategies have helped us grow by 250% over the last 12 months. I highly recommend these strategies to anyone looking to scale their business.“

Judy Sahay.  Managing Director. Crowd Media HQ.

“Marcus’ Selling to Emotional Desires strategy has helped me secure more listings and I’m going to have to hire more staff to manage those listing. A problem which I welcome.’

Billy Schroeder.  Schroeder & Wallis Real Estate

“Marcus has helped me restructure my proposals in a completely new and inspiring way using his process.  Simplifying my messaging and clearly articulating what I do, so the proposals connect more deeply with my potential client in a more relevant way.”

Sue Palmer.  Owner.  Liquid Creative

“I met Marcus through necessity, as my sales team were missing that one key ingredient to complete and close off the sales cycle. Not only did Marcus find the missing ingredient, he has exceptional skills and the fortitude to grasp the genesis of a concept and run with it. His enthusiasm is contagious and brings a certain element to any business that breeds success.’

Damian ArenaCo-Founder and Director of Sales, IODM

“What Marcus teaches, in his course, is much deeper, more life-changing and applies no matter the circumstance.”

Zeno Kobica. Scott Banks Real Estate.

Meet Your Sales Coach.

I’ve been sharing my 3 proven strategies (Rapport Mastery, Selling to Emotional Desires, and Overcoming Every Objection) for over 10 years. During that time I’ve worked with every size of business, from startups to global brands. I’m now sharing these strategies directly with business owners to help them grow their sales and their business.

“The clients I’ve helped, only succeeded because they followed these 3 strategies.  I wasn’t out selling for them, they took strategies and applied them.”

Convert more sales and grow your business with; Rapport Mastery, Selling to Emotional Desires Blueprint, Overcome every objections.

Plus incredible bonuses.

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The best value online Sales Training program with proven strategies.

These 3 proven strategies will grow your sales and your business during these uncertain times.

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30 Day Guarantee.

No questions asked 30 day refund guarantee.  If you are unhappy for any reason, get you money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course work for me and my business, even during COVID?

YES, here’s why.  The Sales Revolution Bundle covers the 3 fundamental strategies that all sales are based on.  And these 3 strategies apply to B2B and B2C sales.

Fundamental strategy #1.  Whatever you’re selling, your prospects and customers have to trust you before they will buy from you.  There are two types of trust in a sale.  I trust that your product or service will deliver on its promise to me.  And I trust your character, ie I like you and are happy to spend time with you.  In the Rapport Mastery section, we cover 11 ways you can build deep bonds of trust with anyone, anywhere.

Fundamental strategy #2.  No one buys more of what they have today, we are all buying a better tomorrow.  Uncovering what that better tomorrow looks like for your prospect or customer is the key to positioning how your product or service can help them achieve the future they want.  In Selling to Emotional Desires Blueprint, we cover in detail how you can uncover the deep emotional desires your prospects are looking to fulfil, and how you can attach your product or service to their desires.

Fundamental strategy #3.  Finally, a prospect or customer might have a worry or concern about your ability to help them fulfil their future emotional desires.  When you remove al the reasons for people to say no to you.  They are only left with reasons to say YES!  In Overcome Every Objection, we cover how you can overcome any objection you’re going to face.

If you are generating leads and having sales conversations, The Sales Revolution Bundle will help you grow your sales.

Will I be able to apply this content in my next sales conversation?

IT’S EASY.  What if I told you there are only two questions you needed to ask, to be able to show a prospect that your product or service will help them fulfil their emotional desires.  You see, easy.  I like easy.  Once you understand the principles and practice, you’ll have this mastered in no time.

How come this is so cheap, does the program still deliver value?

For over 10 years I’ve been sharing this content with my clients (from startups to global brands).  Now, I’m sharing exactly the same great content with you.  As we all know, there’s COVID, so I’m offering my knowledge to help you and your business through these tough times, at a price everyone can afford.  I know it will help you, which is why I offer a guarantee.  So yes, it’s great value and it will help you achieve the results you want.

I’ve never heard of you, are you any good?

Haha.  This answer could go anywhere, so I’ll keep it strictly business.  The short answer is yes.  I’m very good at what I do.  You can read the reviews above.  And as for never having heard of me before, that’s most likely because I’ve only recently launched my online program.