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With my NO WIN, NO FEE Sales Coaching.

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3 Reasons To Work With Me

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Google, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, big Pharma, legal firms, Banks, Private Equity, all kinds of agencies, small businesses, start ups and many others.

So you’re in good hands.

You only pay when you WIN

No Win, No Fee is a risk-free way to try my sales coaching.  With no upfront costs, you’re still going to get all my knowledge and help even if you don’t win.

So either way, you WIN

Sales coaching is much better than sales training

As a Sales Coach, I will help you structure your pitches, presentations, documents and even emails, so you maximise every sales opportunity.  And because I’ve got skin in the game, I’m going to work with you to ensure you maximise your impact and chances of success.

Success Stories

Marcus has added significant value to our client presentations and ultimately the final result. His creative ideas have enabled us to achieve results beyond our expectations.

Mark Bennet

The no-win, no-fee coaching service was a game changer for my business. The fact that I didn’t have to pay anything upfront was a huge advantage. I was able to win more work and increase my revenue thanks to the tailored approach and accountability of the coach. I highly recommend it to any business owner looking to improve their sales performance

Teresa Le

What Marcus teaches is much deeper, more life-changing and applies no matter the circumstance.

Zeno Kobica

We have worked with Marcus Corah for the last 2 years.  His knowledge and expertise in rapport, selling to Emotional Desires & objection handling are simply remarkable.

These 3 strategies have helped us grow by 250% over the last 12 months. I highly recommend these strategies to anyone looking to scale their business.

Judy Sahay

If you’re looking for a sales coach, look no further than Marcus! I’ve had a few sessions with him now, and I can honestly say that he’s in a league of his own. His enthusiasm for sales and the business world is infectious, and you can tell he absolutely loves it. He puts so much energy into each session. His ideas are innovative and inspiring and we have a new direction on how we want to take our business forward in 2023. Plus, he’s been generous with offering advice and mentoring in other areas of business, when he doesn’t even need to! I highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to take their business to the next level.

Christeena Benny

I met Marcus through necessity, as my sales team were missing that one key ingredient to complete and close off the sales cycle. Not only did Marcus find the missing ingredient, he has exceptional skills and the fortitude to grasp the genesis of a concept and run with it. His enthusiasm is contagious and brings a certain element to any business that breeds success.

Damian Arena

Marcus has helped me restructure my proposals in a completely new and inspiring way using his process.  Simplifying my messaging and clearly articulating what I do, so the proposals connect more deeply with my potential client in a more relevant way

Sue Palmer

Marcus’s coaching has been amazing to focus our sales team, his advice completely reframed how we go about positioning our business with clients ensuring we maximise every opportunity. Our ROI on sales calls has increased significantly as a result.

Ben Hall

I have been working with Marcus for several months now and have seen a significant increase in my sales performance. His coaching is tailored to my specific needs and he provides valuable insights and strategies that have helped me to close more deals. He always goes above and beyond to help me succeed. Plus, the no win no fee policy is a huge plus.

I highly recommend Marcus to anyone looking to take their sales to the next level.

Vijay Mani

Marcus’s strategies have helped me secure more listings and I’m going to have to hire more staff to manage those listings. A problem that I welcome.

Billy Schroeder

How the No Win, No Fee Sales Coaching works.


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About Marcus Corah

 I’ve been a global Sales Trainer working in EMEA, APAC and North America for over 15 years.  I’ve worked with large corporates all the way through to small businesses and start-ups.

I started my No Win, No Fee, Sales Coaching program  because I wanted to help small businesses win more work without incurring any upfront costs.  Making it totally risk free to engage me.

I still share the best of my content and knowledge with you and I’ll show you how you can tailor your messaging so you maximise every opportunity.  Creating a win win for everyone.

I only take my fee, 10% of the value of the contract / project, when you win.

If you win, I win.

It really is that simple.