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Rapport Secret # 2

How to use rapport to help your customers feel good about themselves.

The next example of conscious rapport is compliments.  And compliments are all about helping your customers or prospects feel good about themselves.

Okay, that’s what a compliment is and it’s a really, really important emotion that you want them to tap into when you want to sell to them.

I’m going to split compliments into big compliments and small compliments and let me give you some examples of big compliments first.

Let’s say you go to a meeting at the prospect’s offices, you can compliment them on things like;

  • What great offices they have.
  • What a great location they’re in.
  • Maybe you see a load of awards that they’ve won, you can compliment them on that.
  • You can compliment them on being in the press.
  • Maybe they’re really successful, you can compliment them on that.

There’s one key thing you have to do, you have to be genuine. If on the inside, you’re thinking are my word, I would hate to be in an office like this.  Or I would hate to be this far from wherever the city, or the town or whatever it happens to be.

Then don’t pay that kind of compliment because your physiology won’t match what you’re saying. And this incongruency whether they’re consciously aware of it or not, will stop them from buying into your compliment, and it will actually undermine your position so you have to be congruent only pay compliments you genuinely would pay, given that situation.

Okay. Now, if there’s nothing about the client’s office or the location, then you’ve always got the backup.   Which are small compliments.

And the great thing about little small compliments is, they usually fly totally under the radar.  But they have a super powerful and have an important role to play.  Alright, so little compliments are complements that you pay people about;

  • Their thinking
  • Their questions
  • Their ideas.

So it might be things like wow that’s a really great question, I hadn’t thought about that before.   Or,  Wow. Do you know when I’ve just listened to you, you’ve really opened my eyes to a whole different way of seaing something.

And these little compliments, when you actually pay them sincerely, have a really super powerful effect on people now I’ve been a trainer for over 10 years and I’ve used these types of compliments. And what I’ve noticed when I pay these compliments to either people’s thinking or their questions or their answers. Then

what happens is it opens prospects and customers up to wanting to share more information with me.

And if you’re in a sales scenario, then more information of higher value is definitely where you want to focus your attention.