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Rapport Secret # 3

How you can use rapport to help your customers feel comfortable around you.

Now, finally before we leave conscious rapport, we have to talk about similarities and similarities are all about helping your customers and helping your prospects feel comfortable around you,  This is another really important emotion we want to start generating in our prospects in our customers, because if they feel comfortable around you, guess what, they’re going to want to spend time with you as well.

Now, there’s been a lot of really amazing studies done on the power of similarities and how you can use similarities to influence other people.  In this kind of conversation, I’m just going to say, we’re going to look for similarities that allow us to build a bond of trust.


The key to creating similarities is, the more similarities between you and the prospects or the clients you’re talking to, the more ability you have to build trust with them.

So, you want to look for the most unique type of similarity. Let’s say you’re travelling abroad and you meet somebody who’s from Australia and you go, Hey, I live in Melbourne and they go hey I live in Melbourne too. That gives you one level of similarity.  But if you go, I was born and raised in Caulfield and they go, I was born and raised in Caulfield to.  What year were you born?  And it’s the same year.   Now you’ve got a whole new level of uniqueness that really bonds you together.

It’s not just looking for sort of big similarities. The more you can drill down and find uniqueness in your similarities, the more ability it will give you to build very strong bonds of trust between you and them.

And here’s the reason why, you will have so much more to talk about.  You will have so much more in common.  And as we’re going to discover in the next section, the more things we have in common with people, the more likely they are to like us.