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Selling in uncertain times. Part 3.
Selling in uncertain times. Part 3.
Selling in uncertain times. Part 3.

Selling in certain times. Part 3.


What I wanted to just touch on, is how do you decrease the pain of owning your product or service when you’re out there, talking to those buyers, talking to those prospects, talking to those clients.

Overcoming objections is all about reducing the pain associated with your product or service.   There is so much we could cover here, so I’m going to give you a tool that you can take away and go and right now today.

I’m going to give you one of my absolute favorite ways of overcoming objections. And every time you overcome an objection, you reduce the pain associated with owning your product or service.

This tool is called the Sharp Angle Close. And it enables you to;

Close someone on their own objection.

I thought I’d set this up with a really quick story. To give you an example of how powerful it is. All right, so, my wife knows me well enough now, to realize, she can leave her birthday present or Christmas present to my choice.  Or she can tell me what she wants and off I go.  This happens in the UK, in a very well known store in London.  And I’m in the dress department in the store, and I’m clearly looking a little lost and somebody who works in the store comes up to me and goes.  “Hey, are you okay?”  And I’m like.  “I’m trying to find this dress in this size, can you help?” And she goes. “It’s not in this area, let’s go over to the racks over here…”   She starts looking through the racks and she goes.  “I’m really sorry we don’t seem to have that size out on the floor. Are you okay if I go and check in the back?  Are you okay to wait?”

I’m like.  “Yeah, of course, really happy to wait.”  So she goes away and she comes back five or 10 minutes later and goes, “Okay, so I checked in the back, and we don’t have anything in that size.   However, our sister store does have what you’re looking for.  We are getting a delivery from them in a couple of hours.  If I get them to send down the dress are you happy to wait?”  And of course, I am.  So, I wait and pick up the dress later that afternoon.

Now the sharp angle close is basically based on a really simple formula. Which is…

“If we could reach agreement,

would you still go ahead?”

And that’s the strategy this sales assistant used.  “Are you happy to wait if I go and look in the back of the store?”   Yes.

“If we can get it delivered. Are you still going ahead?”   Yes.

It’s just a version of the Sharp Angle Close, but done in a really nice caring way. And you can use this absolutely everywhere and anywhere you like.

Can’t find agreement on a price. If we could find a price where you’re happy, and we’re happy, would you still go ahead?

Let’s say the objection or worry is.  Can you deliver on time?  If we can find a way of proving to you, that we can deliver our product or service on time would you still go ahead?

It doesn’t matter what the objection is, you can always come back and go.  If we could find agreement, would you go ahead?

Now, there are a couple of caveats with this.

  1. The first caveat which is the most important is use this tool sparingly.  You don’t want to keep cycling your prospects or clients through this. You want to use it once or twice in the sales process, and use it where things get really stuck.
  2. The other thing that you really need to know about, this which is super useful, is that sometimes people hold an objection, but they don’t actually want to reveal what that objection is. So this enables you to get to the deeper objection.  Let’s say the objection is, can you deliver on time.  And you say.  “If we could find a way of demonstrating to you that we can deliver on time would you still go ahead?”  And they go… No.   You know there’s a deeper objection going on.  Then it’s a question of uncovering that objection. And dealing with that objection.

And that’s the Sharp Angled Close.