The latest sales strategies to grow your business.

2 ways to package & sell your products right now. Option 2.

Option number two is super simple because what you’re going to do is, you’re going to take your product and you’re going to split it up… into lots and lots and lots of smaller products.

So, let me give you an example of this.  You can reduce your prices and sell individual elements.   We’ve covered; sales on the phone, sales in emails, sales over Skype, selling to emotional desires. We’ve got the sales IQ report, we’ve got objection handling, we’ve got back end content, we’ve got pieces around your mindset.  Instead of selling it as one big program, we could just sell this as individual pieces.

Remember, how a moment ago we were talking about how you create loyalty and fans and all that kind of thing.

There’s a guy out there on the web right now, and he uses this strategy.  He’s got stuff for $9 $17 $27 $50.  And here’s what happens.  He offers such amazing value that literally every time I see his emails, I’m like, I’m opening it.   And I’m gonna look at what his offer is.   Because I know that when he talks about, let’s say… something on phone sales.  In the same way that I’ve had… If I was to give you all of the content that we’ve talked about in terms of rapport and then the phone sales piece. You’re going to look at that and you’re gonna go.   “That’s $27. That’s crazy. I’m buying.

And then I’m going to send you an email, probably doing a nurturing sequence.

“Hey, hope you enjoyed that last product, you know you should be getting loads of value from it.  I hope you’re using it.  By the way, just wanted to let you know that the people who have bought that product, also thought it would be really interesting to increase their open rate on their emails. So we’ve created a little product for you, it’s only $17, Are you interested?”

You’re going to be like. “Wow, this is amazing. Now he’s shown me phone.  Now he’s shown me emails.  I wonder what else he’s got?”

A couple of days later, I might give you a quick free report or send you to a blog post that talks about something of real value.  Which might be an upsell for later on.  And then I might send you an email that goes hey, you know what people have been asking me.  “Marcus, we get sales on the phone, we get sales on the email. Now we need to know, how do we sell on Skype, how do we sell on zoom?  I’ve created this amazing package for you it’s going to go into a whole thing. You’ve got to get it.  $37 get it now.”

You’re going to be like, Wow, this is amazing.

And this particular sales model is really popular because you’re just selling lots of little things, and it’s not the individual price items it’s important.

It’s about the overall cart value.

This is like nearly $200 worth of product. And yes, you might not buy every single thing, the chances are you’re buy 80% of it, 90% of it.

It’s such a brilliantly compelling way to sell, and as I say, it’s about the overall cart value that’s what you want to be focusing on here. It’s not all I’m selling my best product for $14 $27.

It’s… Get them in, keep them in by offering them amazing value.


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