The Sales Revolution.

Have your sales dropped during COVID?

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6 Common Sales Challenges Facing Businesses Right Now.


Price.  Customers and prospects keep asking for a discount on your product or service.


Customers don’t buy.  You’re passionate and talk about your business and features in a sales meeting, but customers don’t commit.


Closing.  You’re not confident closing, or don’t know how to close a sale.


Proposals.  You write proposals but they don’t close deals and you don’t know why?


Objections.  You don’ t have an effective strategy to overcome common objections.


Trust.  You’ve used networking and helping others to build trust.  But you can’t rely on this anymore, and it’s impacting your sales.

… And The Sales Revolution Solutions.


Price.  Prices is less relevant when you sell to Emotional Desires.  If you’re relying on your features & benefits to sell, it means you’re selling a commodity, which is price sensitive.


Customers don’t buy.  Selling to Emotional Desires helps build engagement and commitment around your product or service.  This gives customers the motivation they need to buy.


Closing.  When you sell to Emotional Desires, prospects and customers get excited about your offer, so they start to close themselves on your product or service.  Making closing easy!


Proposals.  Use my document templates to create compelling proposals.  That way your proposals will clearly articulate how you can help the prospect or customer achieve their future desires.  


Objections.  Quickly overcome every objection you’re going to face, or close prospects on their own objections with these proven strategies.


Trust.  Easily master rapport in; emails, documents, phone conversations, Zoom or your face to face meetings.  With 11 Rapport strategies to choose from, you’ll be able to build deep bonds of trust with everyone, anywhere.

The 3 proven strategies in The Sales Revolution Bundle. 

Strategy #1

Rapport Mastery.

Strategy #2

Selling to Emotional Desires Blueprint.

Strategy #3

Overcome Every Objection.

How these businesses used these 3 strategies to catapult their sales.

More success stories.

“We have worked with Marcus Corah for the last 2 years.  His knowledge and expertise in rapport, selling to Emotional Desires & Objections handling are simply remarkable.  These 3 strategies have helped us grow by 250% over the last 12 months. I highly recommend these strategies to anyone looking to scale their business.“

Judy Sahay. Managing Director. Crowd Media HQ

“Marcus has helped me restructure my proposals in a completely new and inspiring way using his process.  Simplifying my messaging and clearly articulating what I do, so the proposals connect more deeply with my potential client in a more relevant way.”

Sue Palmer.  Owner.  Liquid Creative

“I met Marcus through necessity, as my sales team were missing that one key ingredient to complete and close off the sales cycle. Not only did Marcus find the missing ingredient, he has exceptional skills and the fortitude to grasp the genesis of a concept and run with it. His enthusiasm is contagious and brings a certain element to any business that breeds success.’

Damian Arena. Co-Founder and Director of Sales, IODM

“We had the pleasure of snagging Marcus for a training workshop for a group of founding entrepreneurs. He put on a flawless, practical, hands-on workshop for them, which greatly enhanced their experience with us and their results.” 

Liz Elfman.  Marketing Manager, Google

Are you ready to connect more deeply with your prospects & customers and close more sales?

About Marcus

I’ve been sharing my 3 proven strategies (Rapport Mastery, Selling to Emotional Desires, and Overcoming Every Objection) for over 10 years.  During that time I’ve worked with every size of business, from startups to global brands.   I’m now sharing these proven strategies directly with business owners to help them grow their sales and their business.

“The clients I’ve helped, succeeded because they followed these 3 strategies.  I wasn’t out selling for them, they took strategies and applied them.”

Here are some of my clients;

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"Marcus uses these three magic letters, NLP, to cut to the core of what pitching (and good business) is all about. Influencing People."

Melanie Portelli. New Business Director. Saatchi & Saatchi.


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